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Isen Mulang Festival – Cultural Show Extravaganza 2018

18 May 2018 - 23 May 2017
A very special event occurs in Central Borneo on May the 18th each year. Thousands of Dayaks converge on the small city of Palangkaraya to join together in a spirit of dance, fun, joy and cultural expression. They come from the river village settlements, from the forests and inland villages, young and old and somewhat in between, representing their districts and hometowns, determined to compete against the best on offer in dance, song, beauty, sports and traditional games in the third largest province in Indonesia, Central Kalimantan. Isen Mulang means ‘never give up and strive to achieve’, and this event has been celebrated for the past eight years, which seems to get bigger every year. It is one of the few opportunities in Kalimantan...
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Mungku Baru Backpacking

4 days (flexible date)
This tour package is recommended for physically healthy people and able to walk for more than 5 kilometers. This kind of tour is a Botanical Tour (NO signal during the tour in the village) Mungku Baru village is Beautiful that has history, plant and Myth. This village is popular with Iron Wood which is always protected by elder village and Sandung  Bawi Kuwu (laying princess’ bones). Bawi kuwu was a princess in this village and living with curse who had forbidden to take a bath on Rakumpit river. Supposedly said from the local, the river has a lot of crocodiles and very sacred and forbidden for princess to swim because she has a curse. The princess ignored it what the elders said and she took a bath on the river. When she during took a...
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Palangka Raya 1 Full Day Tour

Journey to Sebangau National Park and Rungan River, Central Kalimantan allow you to explore primate country and the conservation forest, to experience traditional village life on the river and to have contact with the local Dayak culture in a pristine jungle environment, with quiet and peaceful natural forest, you really nneed to see Palangkaraya and to witness the amazing treasure from the land of Central Borneo. The tour will be flexible, but we suggest you the following to do list, but again we are flexible: Visit to Orangutan Pre-release Island by motorboat. (To be remembered: We only see orangutan on the boat. We are forbidden to touch them and go inside to the Island) Then, short jungle trekking in Sebangau National Park to feels...
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South Kalimantan Adventure

4 days/3 nights
South Kalimantan is popular with diamonds mine and floating market. If we visit to the city of Banjarmasin, the city known as the city of a thousand rivers should not be missed to the floating market, which has been a worldwide market. This floating market is located in the city of Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan precisely in estuaries Martapura – barito. Why is floating? Probably already known of all the traders in this market offers merchandise rowboat (typical boat called banjar), and so are those who want to buy also have to use boats to buy. Day 01: Airport- Cempaka – Martapura -Banjarmasin Arrival at Banjarbaru airport, meet the guide then drive to Cempaka village to see diamonds mine, continued to Martapura to visit...
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Explore the Beauty of Central Borneo Hidden Heritage, Nature, and Culture.
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