We are a provider of affordable ecotourism based on the empowerment of local communities and nature in Central Kalimantan.

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responsible & ethical tourism

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community empowerment

Want to know what we are doing? Here are the community development partner villages!

sustainable products

Come and buy local products from people in Central Kalimantan!

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at CBG we believe in giving back

Maintains the biodiversity of Borneo and supports conservation and restoration activities, as well as reduce plastic waste during tourism activities.

Respects local wisdoms and aims to preserve the culture and traditionsof the Dayak tribe for future generations.

Collaborate with local communities in social projects to develop ecotourism in Kalimantan.

Support an economy that is based on sustainable community livelihoods, and fighting poverty.

customized itinerary

Everyone can travel to central Borneo!

We are a certified ecotour organizer in Central Kalimantan. Our tours are customized to suit your needs. We take visitors to the rain forest to see various biodiversity of flora and fauna, visit local Dayak villages, and explore the best attraction spots in the island. We are connecting visitors to the local community and help to best arrange the travel plan. We want to make sure that all you have to do is to enjoy your trip!

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