There is about 30 minutes of our journey from Pangkalan Bun to Kumai Harbor. Then, we lifted all the stuff onto the ship where we would stay for 3 Days 2 Nights.

The first impression of entering the Kumai River towards Tanjung Puting National Park was really exciting, we were welcomed by dolphins or you could say Pesut. They swam following the direction of our ship. When we arrived at the first feeding platform, the Cape of Good Hope. We walked together for 10-20 minutes to go inside and we sat on the wooden boards that had been provided. Start, the rangers come and call them to be given food. Not long after being called, one by one the orangutans arrived and ate the food provided by the Ranger. After 5 pm, we returned to the boat and started to cross the river to see the proboscis monkeys where they were getting ready to find their bed on the tree branches.

The second day around 8 am, we visited Pondok Tangguy Camp. This is the second feeding platform and here we have to walk inside and see orangutans coming to the feeding platform to eat. After the hour signaled for lunch, we returned to the ship and continued our journey to the Sekonyer river while enjoying lunch and snacks that had been provided. About a 1.5 hour journey, we arrived at the last camp, Camp Leakey. Here there is an information center about Tanjung Puting’s journey from year to year, a list of Orangutan names and also about Dr. Bluete Galdikas.

When night greeted us, we perched on the bank of the river and prepared for the dinner. With a beautiful natural atmosphere, we enjoy all the food that has been prepared by a local cook for us.

Third Day, in the morning we headed to the harbor to roost and returned to the airport. All trips were very enjoyable and memorable.

Photo credit by David Metcalf

Author Yun Pratiwi

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