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Central Borneo Guide (CBG) is a tourism guide service started by Yun Pratiwi, a local Dayaknese Woman in Central Borneo. The main idea of this service is to facilitate local/international tourists to visit and explore more on the culture, nature, and local people of Dayak. We organize and accompany the tourists to get the fullest advantage and memorable experience of the tours. By having this project running, it will enable us to provide work opportunity for the local community and also hire them and support to preserve the Dayak culture and traditions. We are supported by David Metcalf, a professional photographer from New Zealand, who helps us to start and grow.

How can we help you? We provide you with some package option in the area of biodiversity, natural scenery, local people and culture, education and also river life of Borneo Island. We are working together with hotels, car rentals, restaurants, and some local tourism organizers to ensure that the visitors get the best memorable experience during the trip. The package, duration, and itinerary of the trip can be arranged to suit your personal planning trip.

CBG History

  • 2019 – Yun’s Homestay in Palangkaraya started and participant of Ecotourism and sustainable development workshop at Luang Prabang, Laos by the US Embassy
  • 2018 – Certificate of Appreciation by Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOSF) and Spirit of the hornbill dance academy
  • 2017 – Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor
  • 2016 – CBG started