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Central Borneo Guide (CBG) is a social enterprise in the field of Ecotourism located in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. The main idea is to establish sustainable development of local communities in the field of tourism services and facilitating local / international tourists to visit and explore more deeply about culture, nature, and the local Dayak community. In addition to community development, we also organize trips for tourists to have unforgettable tourism experiences while in Kalimantan. Through this process, we provide employment opportunities to the surrounding community and support cultural preservation of Dayak traditions We provide our customers with several travel package options in the areas of biodiversity, landscapes, communities, local culture and education. We work with partners to support nature conservation, indigenous peoples, as well as education and culture, and several local tourism organizers to ensure visitors have the best memorable experiences during the trip.

how it started

In 2015, CBG was founded by Yun Pratiwi (Founder and director), an Indigenous Dayak woman from Central Kalimantan, after El-Nino took place in Kalimantan.

Yun was 21 years old, and she was studying English Language Education Program at Palangkaraya University. It is unfortunate for her to see deforestation and forest and natural destruction in her homeland. From then on, Yun took the initiative to protect the remaining forests and nature from being destroyed by continuously encouraging sustainable community development to empower local people who care for the environment and initiate new livelihood options. Yun also has the idea to create an ecotourism enterprise based on her experience as a local guide, where she has witness the potential of biodiversity and cultural wealth of Central Kalimantan. She believes that ecotourism can be a solution and create prosperity for local communities and preserve their surrounding environment.


Changing Kalimantan’s reputation from mining resource exploitation to becoming a globally-recognized sustainable ecotourism destination.


To offer unique and memorable tours in Kalimantan which are environmentally friendly by utilizing local wisdom, provide quality employment for local communities and support the preservation of Dayak culture.

theory of change


IF the Central Borneo Guide attracts more tourists from the growing sustainable tourism market and provides tours designed to have a positive economic, social, cultural and environmental impact,


THEN indigenous peoples will have more employment and income opportunities without damaging natural resources.

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