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The Stunning Island of Maratua

Author: Yun Pratiwi         Each and every travel destination in the tropical island of Borneo, Indonesia, has its own attraction: the amazing orang-utans in Central Kalimantan, the ever-popular river floating market in South Kalimantan, culinary specialities with aloe vera…

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Isen Mulang Festifal 2016

Author: Yun Pratiwi Central Kalimantan is the third largest province in Indonesia; located in the island of Borneo, it is divided into 13 districts and one single town: its capital Palangkaraya. Each Dayak district has its own language, and there…

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Siti the Dayak Dancer

Siti the Dayak Dancer by David Metcalf Siti is an extraordinarily beautiful and determined young woman. Her story is one of courage and determination and a desire to represent her culture through the spirit of dance. And she has a…

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