Central Borneo Tours and Guide

Dayak Jewelry

You will regret if when you visit Kalimantan and without buying some accessories . kalimantan has a lot of gemstone, wood, beads, etc with beautiful color. It can be a necklace, bracelets,ring,etc. Beaded necklace Dayak made it possible with a wide range of variations. In addition to being dominated by bright colours, this necklace can also be bandulan in the form of Fangs and claws of Porcupine Bear Honey typical of Borneo. Dayak necklace fit combined with casual clothing. This necklace usually worn by Dayak tribes. Through this necklace, reveals the prevailing in the strata of dayak. The number of beads and colors, it can be known whether he was a descendant of King or just ordinary people. In addition, other uses of beaded necklaces...

Isen Mulang Festival

A very special event occurs in Central Borneo on May the 18th each year. Thousands of Dayaks converge on the small city of Palangkaraya to join together in a spirit of dance, fun, joy and cultural expression. They come from the river village settlements, from the forests and inland villages, young and old and somewhat in between, representing their districts and hometowns, determined to compete against the best on offer in dance, song, beauty, sports and traditional games in the third largest province in Indonesia, Central Kalimantan. Isen Mulang means ‘never give up and strive to achieve’, and this event has been celebrated for the past eight years, which seems to get bigger every year. It is one of the few opportunities in Kalimantan...


Tiwah is a Kaharingan ritual that aims to deliver the spirits of their ancestors towards nirvana / heaven. Bones of ancestor / families in Tiwah will be cleaned and incorporated into stumbling through a series of ceremonies. The uniqueness of the rituals and customs of Dayak tribe in a series of ceremonies is the main attraction for tourists who visit. The ritual of a series ceremony to purify the remains of deceased relatives and to help them reached their journey into heaven. As the ceremony requires several animals to sacrifice, the ceremony requires a very high cost. This activity depends on a family who celebrate it, and the time is can’t be determined.  

Dayak Fabric

Yulia the batik woman was introduced to me by my sister two years ago. Her mother is a senior batik artisan from Palangkaraya who grew up amongst economic problems. As her family could not only rely on making batik, she had to find different ways. At one point she even had to pull out of ‘the world’s longest batik’ contest. When Yulia grew up, her main wish was to create a batik-makers community in Palangkaraya. Despite the several challenges she faced in order to realize her dream, on being borrowing money from an Indonesian Bank so she could buy tools and raw material, she finally funded the “Komunitas Pecinta Benang Bintik” –  ‘Batik Lovers Community’. Palangkaraya’s batik lovers joined the group and Yulia’s mission to promote the...

Rattan Weaving

Indonesia is the largest rattan producer in the world, an estimated 80% of rattan raw materials in the world are produced by Indonesia, the rest is produced by other countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam and other Asian countries. Rattan producing areas, namely Borneo, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Papua with Indonesian rattan potential of approximately 622 000 tons / year Central Borneo is popular with rattan. It can be traditional food and also handicrafts. There is an old lady who works as rattan weaving at Bukit Rawi village. In here, we have an opportunity to meet her and he will teach guests how to make some stuff from Rattan.    

Souvenir Shop

A tour is not complete without go to the souvenir shop. Moreover, it is traditional souvenir shop. We accompany you to find unique stuff here. It has jewelry, carpet, clothes, musical instrument, key chain, traditional blade, Borneo gemstone, fabric, purse, rattan weaving products, and other traditional handicrafts. It is located on Batam Street, Palangkaraya. The guests can bargain the stuff to the seller, and of course you can bargain with cheap price if you buy lots.