Central Borneo Tours and Guide


Trees Adoption

Support Tree Adoption Program for Post-Fire Restoration Peat. Jumpun Pambelum volunteers will do the restoration of land burnt for phase 1 of 20 hectares. Phase 2, will be expanded as the support provided. Volunteers develop patterns Tree Adoption. The public can donate Rp. 10,000 / tree. The fund for the cost of the purchase of seeds, planting, maintenance cost (3 years), the manufacture of the assembly hall, the road bridge, installation of boreholes, pumps, and block manufacture. Volunteers have experienced in such activities. Types of trees will be planted: Jelutung (sap gum, raw materials, insulation materials, building materials), balangeran (building materials), Galam (material for activated charcoal), Ramin (a protected...

Ransel Buku

Ransel Buku is an educational project that brings environmental education through books reading, led group discussions and games to children in (so far) two villages, 1 is on the Rungan River (Petuk Katimpun) and another 1 is on the Kahayan (Bukit Rawi). This project runs by the support of village elders, parents, fellow volunteers, professional photographer David Metcalf, donors and others who believe that it is the responsibility of everybody to support access to education for a better future. Mission                                : Short Term: Delivering health and environmental classes twice a week in each village, capacity building for our teachers, raising the number of village teenagers to graduate from Senior High School,...

Museum Balanga

Museum Balanga is the only one museum in Palangkaraya. Museum Balanga is modern and English available to attract International people to know about Culture, tradition, native life in Central Borneo. This museum brings you to old history and the belief of Dayak and also sacred stuffs are here. As you know, belief of Dayak history is called “Kaharingan” and right now this belief becomes a religion in central Borneo. It is almost similar to Hinduism, but a different holy book. We can see the various types of life and custom of Dayak presented in one place. We suggest you to go here first before going somewhere in Central Borneo.