Central Borneo Tours and Guide


Old Town

If you have to know the place to relax in the city center in the afternoon, maybe this is one of the other leisure options suitable for you and your family. Relax in Rambang port while fishing or enjoying the breeze Kahayan. It is quite a lot of families or young couples sitting on the edge of the dock. A visitor who had just returned from work when invited to talk said that he usually relax 2-3 times a week to the port or can be called the old city while enjoying snacks available.

River Life

for enjoying  nature, do not have to go up the mountain. Down the river can make the mind becomes fresh. Kahayan river in Palangkaraya is splitting into two. During the rainy season, the river water is often spilled onto the land and flooded the capital of Central Borneo and the surrounding area. Kahayan and its Bridge indeed a series of structures that life can’t  be separated from public life in the city of Palangkaraya, Central Borneo Province. River life itself seemed inseparable from the culture of Borneo society at large. The number of river channels that traverse the realm of Borneo is one of the factors the emergence of the tradition. Kahayan to be one of the largest rivers in Central Kalimantan province does have a good...

Mungku Baru

Mungku Baru village is Beautiful that has history, plant and Myth. This village is popular with Iron Wood which is always protected by elder village and Sandung  Bawi Kuwu (laying princess’ bones). Bawi kuwu was a princess in this village and living with curse who had forbidden to take a bath on Rakumpit river. Supposedly said from the local, the river has a lot of crocodiles and very sacred and forbidden for princess to swim because she has a curse. The princess ignored it what the elders said and she took a bath on the river. When she during took a bath, a crocodile caught her, swallowed her and disappeared. Luckily, her brother had a strong magical power, he got the princess from the crocodile’s stomach and brought her body to the...