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Hornbill or Tingang (Dayak language) is a kind of bird that has a beak-shaped horns but without the circle. Usually it is a light-colored beak. The scientific name “Buceros” refers to the shape of the beak, and means “cow horn” in Greek In the tradition of customs and cultures of Borneo, Hornbill (interests) is a symbol of “Nature Up” with divine nature that is “masculine”. Hornbill is a native of Borneo typical birds, these birds live freely in the wilderness forests of Borneo. Hornbills have the ability to fly very high and so far, able to fly between islands. Usually resting and nesting on the tops of tall trees. The existence of Hornbill very closely related to the Dayak community....

Orang Utan

Kaja Island, Hampapak and Bangamat are a reintroduction of orangutans to be released wild right into their natural habitat. This location is located in the area of the river Rungan and Tahai lake managed by BOSF (Borneo orangutan Survival Foundation), which collaborates with BKSDA (Natural Resources Conservation Unit of Central Kalimantan). It is not too commercialized because this location is a conservation area, Visitors need to comply with the regulations of the manager of the location because the location was about orangutans in the wild back. The distance to the location of Palangkaraya is a 30-45 minutes by Car.