At a historic event at SDG Academy Jakarta, Quratul Ain, who is familiarly called Ain and serves as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the Central Borneo Guide, was also present at the launch of ARTI (Atourin Regenerative Tourism Initiative), 5 June 2024. This event is not only a an important moment to introduce new initiatives in regenerative tourism, but also to build strong partnerships in maintaining the sustainability of nature and the environment.

ARTI, which stands for Atourin Regenerative Tourism Initiative, carries out various programs aimed at educating, developing communities, holding events, and raising funds to support environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism practices.

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Benarivo Triadi Putra, CEO of Atourin, explained the ARTI feature which calculates and compensates for carbon emissions from every tour package sold by Atourin. This program allows users to directly contribute to environmental conservation by purchasing trees through the Atourin platform.

Shared Commitment to Sustainability

In a conversation between Ain and Benarivo, they highlighted the compatibility of the ARTI initiative with the Central Borneo Guide program. Central Borneo Guide has long carried out carbon compensation through the Hirai Foundation and is committed to supporting Orangutan Conservation through Borneo Orangutan Survival. This reflects their determination to support ecotourism and sustainable tourism in Borneo.

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This event was also a meeting platform with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf), where Ain was one of the resource persons in digitizing the Priority Tourism Village program in Indonesia, namely the Tourism Awareness Campaign together with Reza Permadi, COO of Atourin and Benarivo, CEO of Atourin, they discussed steps to increase innovation and technology integration in an effort to maintain sustainability in tourism.

Dokumentasi Atourin

Thus, Quratul Ain’s presence at the ARTI launch event not only inspired, but also confirmed our shared commitment to building an environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism future in Indonesia. Through collaboration between Atourin, Central Borneo Guide, and related stakeholders, the hope of achieving these goals is increasingly real and realized.

Photos Source : Atourin Doc.

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