launching valv and cbg

It was such a blissful night last Saturday (January 11), as it was the first official event for our company launching, or called as, “Central Borneo Guide x ValV: Collaborative Launching.” What was it all about? Please keep reading!

We, Central Borneo Guide, was primarily just a usual one-two person (or exactly students) local tour guides, not an official or settled company. However, since the huge forest fire in 2015, Yun (Founder and Director) changed her mind. It was not enough by just introducing our nature enchantment, but we also wanted to keep our nature, culture, and social in harmony. Creating a world where all living creatures can live peacefully.

Since then, or exactly 2016, we started this start-up company, which primarily focuses on guiding to the tourism spots in Central Borneo. Gradually, we built collaboration or connections with the local people, empowering their capability. Even we also built collaboration with the official government, especially the tourism department and environmental communities.

To define our existence, we made collaboration with ValV Coffee & Eatery, as our co-working space. Such a good place to start our new journey, as it is our first official office. We got a specific corner to work, completed with some posters, stickers, and booklets.

In a short time, we prepared an opening for this new launch that held last January 11, 2020. We invited our partners, acquaintances, event lecturer, Provincial, and Municipal Tourism Department. It would be great if they could come, despite their tight schedule.

kalimantan dance

Then, it was the D-Day.

There were some guests who could not come because of distance or other circumstances. On top of that, the number of the guests were still beyond our expectations. As we just sent the invitation via WhatsApp message and the printed invitation about 2 or 3 days before, we thought only a few people would come. However, more than 20 persons came! Even the Head of the Provincial Tourism Department attended it and gave a wonderful speech afterward.

The event was opened by an amazing art performance by Sanggar Darung Tingang, which is our partner as well. There were two dancers, male and female, accompanied by a beautiful kacapi and karungut playing. This performance depicted the spirit of youth Dayak to not giving up and keep achieving their dreams.

Moved on to the welcoming speech, by our Founder and Director, Yun Pratiwi, and the Founder and CEO of ValV Coffee, Ratih. They both talked about how they ended up collaborating with each other and made a contract for its first year. The funny thing was when Yun told the audience that some callers thought that Central Borneo Guide was a travel agent, asking the travel cost from Palangka Raya to Sampit! Sorry, you got the wrong number, Sir.

Central Borneo Guide history and vision was brilliantly told when film Dayak Breakthrough was being screened in front of the audience. This film was screened in Cinema 21 Palangka Raya Mall before! And for your information, this movie is never being uploaded in any social media, because we keep it special for our guests.

Last but not least, the Head of Provincial Tourism Department, Mr. Guntur Talajan, attended the launching, even though he just got back from another event. We were so glad that he made it because we all knew how tight his schedule was. It was such an honor for us that many important persons from the government could attend, implying how successful the event, despite its short preparation and committee.

He advised us, young generations, to keep improving our skills and abilities, to maximizing every potentiality that Central Borneo has, for our own development. Especially East Kalimantan, is becoming the next capital city, so we, Central Kalimantan, won’t let ourselves left behind.


The launching was officially closed when Mr. Talajan cut the tumpeng (mountain-like rice), and saying, “Central Borneo Guide is officially open!”. We cheered the moment by taking some pictures, and of course, closed by enjoying the fusion dinner that had been made by ValV cooks. Thank you so much for preparing all the meals, because it really warmed our hearts. We wish we keep doing.

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