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North Kalimantan (abbreviated Kaltara) is the youngest province in Indonesia in the northern part of the island of Borneo. The province is bordered directly by neighboring Malaysia, namely the States of Sabah and Sarawak.

North Borneo or North Kalimantan Province which has an area of ± 75,467.70 km², is located between 114º 35 ’22’ – 118º 03 00 ‘East Longitude and between 1º 21’ 36 ‘- 4º 24’ 55 ‘North Latitude. In addition, based on the provincial authority, North Kalimantan Province has an area of 11,579 km² (13% of the total area).
Tribes that inhabit the Province of North Kalimantan, namely the Tidung Tribe, Bulungan Tribe, Berau Tribe, Banjar Tribe, Dayak Abai Tribe, Dayak Kenyah Tribe, Burusu Dayak Tribe, Dayak Tagal Tribe, Dayak Merap Tribe, Lun Bawang Tribe / Lun Dayeh, Kayan Tribe, Kayan Tribe, Suku Lundayeh, Tagel, Saben, Punan, Badenhg, Bakung, Makulit, Makasan, Javanese, and Bugis.

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Setulang Village - North Borneo Tour

Setulang Village (A jungle camp experience in the forest and Dayak Village of North Borneo)

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