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Geographically, South Borneo or South Kalimantan is in the southeastern part of the island of Borneo, has a low-lying area in the west and east coast, and a plateau formed by the Meratus Mountains in the middle. South Kalimantan consists of two main geographic features, namely the lowlands and the highlands. Lowland areas are mostly in the form of peatlands to swamps, which are rich in biodiversity sources of freshwater animals. A part of the highlands region of South Kalimantan is a province located on the island of Borneo, located between longitude 1 21 ’49 “LS, 114 19” 33 “BT – 116 33′ 28 BT, and 21 ’49” LS 110 “14” LS on the map. South Kalimantan has a total area of ​​37,377.53 km2 and is divided into four regions. These areas are Kotabaru as the largest area in South Kalimantan with an area of ​​13,044.50 km2, Banjar district with an area of ​​5,039.90 km2, Tabalong district with an area of ​​3,039.90 km2, and the city of Banjarmasin as the narrowest area with an area of ​​72.00 km2.


South Borneo Tour

South Borneo Adventure (Floating Market & jungle trekking)

We take you some special places in South Borneo, Indonesia. Diamond mine, floating market and jungle trekking in Loksado are popular things to do. Meanwhile, South Borneo has known the city of a thousand rivers because of from longtime ago-present…

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