Author: Sukma Suciati
Edit: Yun Pratiwi
Video Director: Kristalia Juliana


“Cciit.. Cciaapp.. ”

“Koak.. Koakkak.. Keak..”

These are a few sounds of birds that I could catch from my ears in the rainforest. It’s so hard to mimic the sound of birds. They are Too beautiful, too pure, Too nature, Too irreplaceable.

In early 2020, the world is fighting with the new pandemic, COVID-19 or known as Coronavirus has been infected by millions of people, and thousands of people are dead. Not only ‘killing’ the humans, but it also kills many aspects, economics, politics, and social, etc. Many people have lost their job, or at least being laid off. Some elections were postponed until the uncertain time, and you can’t gather around with your friends anymore.

Some people might happy to be staying at home, some people are struggling “Stay at home means jobless”.  Staying at home takes people to have the day off is absolutely different. You may not have to go to work or school (only work and studies from home), but you, also can’t take a holiday, or even a moment to chill with your colleagues in public spaces. Isn’t it too boring for human beings?

On the other hand, let’s see our environment!

During COVID-19 is shaking our world, in some cases and areas, the air and water pollution have been decreases. There are fewer cars and motorcycles pass over on the roads. The sky and the river get clearer and fresher.

If people say the world is in danger, what earth ‘thinks’ of it? Does it think that the world is in critical condition? Or healing itself from humans’ deeds? Let the earth taking breathe for this moment!

Perhaps, this is the way how earth heals itself. It’s having its own ‘me time’. Let nature takes back the earth for a while, just for a while. Let it grow, let it free, so it can give its best to us again. Great days will return, we will explore the uniqueness of life on the earth, again. Do you miss nature, don’t you?

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