Spirit of The Hornbill is a dance and music studio in Palangkaraya led by Siti Habibah and Apriyadi, which has a social mission to pass down and develop the preservation of Dayak culture to the younger generation. In line with the vision and mission of the Central Borneo Guide to contribute to local cultural preservation efforts, we are working with Spirit of the Hornbill to: 1. Facilitate the younger generation who wish to learn traditional dance and music from Central Kalimantan 2. Organize traditional dance workshops and trainings in remote villages of Central Kalimantan, both for beginners level and for prospective dance teachers in the village In the future, Spirit Of The Hornbill is working to take it to the next level, such as establishing Dayak dance studios in other regions and participating in international music and dance events. It is also Spirit of the Hornbill’s dream to provide more traditional dance and music lessons to local communities and introduce Dayak culture to the international world so that future generations can participate, develop and have a sense of pride in their own culture.