Central Borneo Tours and Guide
Duration: 3 Days 2 Nights
Location: Punggu Alas, Katingan Regency, Central Kalimantan
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Visiting another area in Sebangau National Park makes you mesmerize how huge this National Park and we taking you to the beautiful rain forest, peat swamps, flora and fauna .

Punggu Alas, Sebangau National Park  located in Katingan Regency. In order to access, this area from the Palangka Raya city, visitors could take a travel by car for  2-3 hours to Baun Bango and continue by motorized to Keruing village. From the Keruing village, the trip will then continue to Punggualas visitor center for 45 minutes then visitors arrive at Punggualas.

The visitors could feel the breeze from the shady canopy along side the river and following to monitor  Orangutan, gibbon, proboscis monkey, pig-tail macaque and various species of birds and other animal (wildlife can’t be guaranteed). At the visitor center of Punggualas, the visitors could relaxing while enjoying the scenery. Moreover at the Punggualas, visitors could learn more about endemic flora of the peat swamp from the flora observation track. The visitors could also enjoy the view of lakes with its natural beauty while watching local people fishing.

the itinerary as below;

Day 1

started from Palangkaraya and drive to Baun Bango village. We don’t forget to stop at Orangutan pre release island to see some Orangutan in riverbank.

When ariived at Keruing, there’s some traditional entertainment special for us. We see martial art performance and the village leader gives us some holy water to bless the trip without any problem or anything bad happen until finish the trip.

then, we relaxing at Punggualas camp and food served by local people.


Day 2

In the morning, we jungle trekking to observe some primates and swimming at peat river which has unique color because of fermentation leaves and roots.

Jungle trekking will be 2 times, in the morning and evening, depend on our request and flexibility of trip is needed!


Day 3

After breakfast, we check out of the camp and back to Palangkaraya. End of tour.