Sebangau National Park has an area of ​​approximately 568,700 hectares. Its natural wealth includes 808 species of flora, 35 species of mammals, 182 species of birds and 54 species of snakes. The types of flora that grow in the TNS peat swamp area are very specific and have high economic value both from timber and non-timber products such as gums, rattan, medicines and so on. In addition, the Sebangau National Park area in the Mangkok Resort area has several types of birds, including the snake cormorant (Anhinga melanogaster), sea claws (Ardea sumatrana), red hawk (A. purpurea), black eagle (Ictinaetus malayensis), pergam (Ducula bicolor). ), white-crested hornbills (Aceros comatus), mountain hornbills (A. undulatus), ivory hornbills (Buceros vigil), swamp forest storks (Ciconia stormi), tall hornbills (Aceros corrugatos), rhino hornbills (Buceros rhinoceros), tongtong storks (Leptoptilus javanicus), the fire kite (Hirundo rustica) and the feather kite (H. tahitica). Among the bird species it is also known that one type has been classified as endangered, namely the hornbill, etc. Where this area has the potential to make special tours for bird lovers / birding. However, resorts have challenges in dealing with the journey into the wet peat forest. Physical strength is needed during a birding tour at Resort Mangkok.

We invite birding lovers to explore and tour the Mangkok resort for 5 days 4 nights. This activity is very flexible and filled with patience.


1 PaxRp15,300,000
2 PaxRp9,100,000
3-4 PaxRp7,266,667
5-6 PaxRp6,433,333
7-8 PaxRp6,800,000
9-10 PaxRp6,353,333
1 PaxRp 13,233,333
2 PaxRp 7,366,667
3-4 PaxRp 5,700,000
5-6 PaxRp 4,811,111
7-8 PaxRp 5,316,667
9-10 PaxRp 4,820,000


  • Transportation
  • Accommodation (Camp at Sebangau)
  • Meals
  • Local tour guide specialized in birding
  • National Park entrance ticket
  • Eco-friendly toiletries


  • Personal expenses
  • Ticket flight
  • Guide tipping


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