Unveiling the Enchanting Secrets of Punggu Alas: A 3-Day Deep Dive into Sebangau National Park

Step beyond the ordinary and into the heart of Borneo’s hidden gem – Punggu Alas, a secluded haven within the vast embrace of Sebangau National Park. This isn’t just a journey; it’s a sensory immersion into the soul of a majestic peat swamp rainforest, teeming with life and whispering ancient secrets.


Day One: Embracing the Spirit of the Land

Your adventure begins with a scenic drive from visit Orangutan in Pre-release island. Using motorboat ride along the Rungan River to the renowned Orangutan Pre-Release Island. Here, witness the remarkable efforts of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) in rehabilitating orphaned and displaced orangutans for their eventual return to the wild. Observe these gentle giants swinging through the trees, playing with their young, and learning the essential skills for a life back in the rainforest. However, to support Orangutan wilderness, we only seeing them on the boat and they will come out on the riverbank.

Then, drive to Kereng Pakahi village, where time seems to stand still. Immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of the Dayak people, witnessing their captivating traditional martial arts performance and receiving a blessing for a safe and enriching journey.

Savor a delicious feast of local delicacies, prepared with love and infused with the unique flavors of the rainforest. Then, sail by motorboat to Keruing Village, where the verdant embrace of Punggu Alas awaits.

Settle into your comfortable camp, a tranquil haven nestled amidst the towering trees. As dusk paints the sky in fiery hues, embark on an optional evening exploration of the forest, your senses tingling with the whispers of nocturnal creatures and the intoxicating aroma of damp earth.

Day Two: Unveiling the Symphony of the Rainforest

Rise with the chorus of birdsong and greet the dawn with a steaming cup of local coffee. Embark on an exhilarating jungle trek, the verdant canopy filtering sunlight in dappled patterns. Your expert local guide will lead you through a wonderland of biodiversity, pointing out the shy proboscis monkeys or gibbon swinging from branches, the elusive orangutans nestled in the leafy embrace, and the agile gibbons serenading the forest with their complex, melodious songs. You can request jungle trekking in the morning.

In the afternoon, feel the cool embrace of the peat river, its unique water stained a dark brown by tannins – a mesmerizing mirror reflecting the lush foliage above. Take a refreshing with the water, letting the invigorating water wash away the stresses of everyday life.

As dusk descends, embark on another jungle trek, the rainforest transforming into a magical theater of sights and sounds. Listen to the symphony of chirping crickets, the rustling of leaves under unseen feet, and the haunting calls of nightjars. This is a moment to connect with the ancient soul of the forest, a feeling that words can barely capture.

Day Three: Farewell to the Enchanting Wilderness

After a final breakfast amidst the symphony of nature, bid farewell to the friendly camp staff and the surrounding community. As you sail back to civilization, carry with you the memories of this unforgettable journey – the sights, sounds, and smells of the rainforest etched forever in your heart.

This itinerary is just a starting point. We can tailor it to your preferences, whether you seek intensive wildlife encounters, serene moments of contemplation, or a taste of both. Remember, Punggu Alas is a living, breathing ecosystem, and each trip holds the promise of unique and awe-inspiring encounters.


1 PaxRp8,453,333
2 PaxRp7,233,333
3-4 PaxRp5,420,000
5-6 PaxRp5,011,111
7-8 PaxRp4,900,000
9-10 PaxRp4,060,000
1 PaxRp 8,453,333
2 PaxRp 4,526,667
3-4 PaxRp 3,113,333
5-6 PaxRp 3,224,444
7-8 PaxRp 2,953,333
9-10 PaxRp 2,646,667


  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Meal
  • Local entertainment
  • Tour guide fee
  • National Park entrance ticket
  • Eco-friendly toiletries


  • Personal costs
  • Flight ticket
  • Tips guide


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