Tangkahen Village Forest is located in Pulang Pisau Regency, Central Kalimantan. From Palangkaraya, the capital city of Central Kalimantan, the village is about two hours by road. This village has a village forest of 200 hectares for forest utilization and development without destroying nature.

The development of ecotourism, which combines the historical and cultural potential of the Dayak Ngaju [Dayak Kahayan] on the banks of the Kahayan River, becomes an added value such as cultural history and heritage. The villagers of Tangkahen believe that their village is the place where the Kaharingan religion was descended, the ancestral belief of the Dayak tribe in the folklore of Bawi Ayah.

This village is one of the Central Borneo Guide’s main partners for community development and new livelihood solutions for local communities and we invite you to visit the village and forest of Tangkahen village which are the prima donna of beautiful natural forest landscapes in Pulang Pisau Regency.

The travel plans are as follows:


day one

You will go to the village by car for 2 hours and cross the river for about 5 minutes to reach the village of Tangkahen. Then, you will be greeted with “Bargain” or “Holy Water” as a greeting of welcome and away from danger. Then, we will walk to see the atmosphere of Tangkahen village, which is located on the edge of the Kahayan river. Then, you will have lunch with traditional cuisine at one of the tour group houses. After about 2-3 hours in the afternoon, we will continue the journey to the village forest which takes about 1 hour.

After arriving at the Village Forest, you will check in at the bungalow with a beautiful forest view. Then, in the evening you will have dinner and watch a historical film about the development of Tangkahen village.

day two

After breakfast, you will walk around the forest accompanied by a local tour guide who has knowledge of flora and fauna and during the day, you will have lunch and take a short break waiting for a class to cook traditional Dayak food in the evening.

In the evening and after the cooking class, you will have dinner together with the local people with real live traditional guitar music, namely Kecapi.

day three

After lunch, you will check out of the village forest and return to Palangkaraya. Tour ends.


1 PaxRp7,033,333
2 PaxRp4,673,333
3-4 PaxRp2,840,000
5-6 PaxRp2,217,778
7-8 PaxRp2,565,000
9-10 PaxRp2,226,667
1 PaxRp 7,033,333
2 PaxRp 4,633,333
3-4 PaxRp 2,800,000
5-6 PaxRp 2,177,778
7-8 PaxRp 2,525,000
9-10 PaxRp 2,186,667


  • Ticket entrance the locations
  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation (Motorboat and car)
  • Guide fee
  • Contribution for the local project.
  • Eco-friendly shower kit
  • Cooking class


  • Personal expense
  • Airplane ticket
  • Tipping guide


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