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Jungle trekking in Punggu Alas, Sebangau National Park (Sensation of tropical peat swamps forest)


Visiting another area in Sebangau National Park makes you mesmerize how huge this National Park and we taking you to the beautiful rain forest, peat swamps, flora, and fauna.

The Five Senses of Kalimantan in Punggu Alas


Gibbons actually sing. They are said to produce the most complex songs of all land mammals. Usually, you hear their song in the morning however, they also sing when there is going to be rain. Their beautiful songs range in length anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. When a couple has mated they perform a duet as a way of declaring and strengthening their bond. Other gibbon songs mark territorial boundaries or reveal the singer’s sex or individual identity.


The rich, earthy smell that is emitted by the peat swamps of Sebangau is an experience in itself. Some describe it as the aroma of tea. Indeed, the water is stained dark brown by the tannins that leach from the fallen leaves and peat – hence the name ‘blackwater swamps’. In all, 927 species of flowering plants and ferns have been identified in the Borneo peat swamp forests, and that makes for a very sweet smell.


When you come close to an orangutan in the wild, your heart invariably skips a beat. These large, gentle red apes are one of our closest relatives. In fact, we share 98% of the same DNA. They are highly intelligent and possess an advanced ability to reason. Like human babies, a baby orangutan can cry and whimper, and it is the sweetest of sights to see them look tenderly, almost as if smiling, at their mothers.


The Dayaks are renowned for being wonderful cooks. When you visit the local Dayak villages there is always something cooking in the pot or being cooked directly over a fire. One of 37 fish in the catfish family, tahoman is a very popular local river fish because of its soft white meat. My first tahoman was grilled and was absolutely delicious. It is often served as soup.


Rattan is a vine-palm with sharp thorns found in the forests. In Dayak country, it provides women with the material to make vegetable, rice, carrying and other baskets, as well as mats. The men use it to make the fish traps, called mihing. To do so, they have to find a specific type of rattan palm in the forest and strip it to get the stem which contains a poison that will stun fish.

Punggu Alas, Sebangau National Park located in Katingan Regency. In order to access, this area from the Palangka Raya city, visitors could take a journey by car for  2-3 hours to Baun Bango and continue by motorized to Keruing village. From the Keruing village, the trip will then continue to Punggualas visitor center for 45 minutes then visitors arrive at Punggualas. The visitors could feel the breeze from the shady canopy alongside the river and following to monitor  Orangutan, gibbon, proboscis monkey, pig-tail macaque and various species of birds and other animals (wildlife can’t be guaranteed). At the visitor center of Punggualas, the visitors could relax while enjoying the scenery. Moreover, at the Punggualas, visitors could learn more about endemic flora of the peat swamp from the flora observation track. The visitors could also enjoy the view of lakes with its natural beauty while watching local people fishing.


Day One

Started from Palangkaraya and drive to Baun Bango village around 3-4 hours.

When arrived at Keruing, there’s some traditional entertainment special for us. We see the performance of traditional Dayak martial art and the village leader welcome and gives us some holy water to bless the trip without any problem or anything bad happen until finish the trip.

then, we relaxing at Punggualas camp and tasty food served by local people.

Day two

In the morning, we jungle trekking to observe some primates “Proboscis, Wild Orangutan, Red Langur, and Gibbon” and swimming at peat river which has unique color because of fermentation leaves and roots.

Jungle trekking will be 2 times, in the morning and evening, depending on our request and flexibility of a trip is needed!

In the silent night, sometimes, we can see the eye of clouded leopard.

Day three

After breakfast, we say goodbye to the local community and check out of the camp, then back to Palangkaraya. End of tour.


  • 1 pax= IDR 11,786,000
  • 2 pax= IDR 7,822,000/pax
  • 3-4 pax= IDR 7,600,000/pax
  • 5-6 pax= IDR 6,763,000/pax
  • 7-8 pax= IDR 5,829,000/pax
  • 9-10 pax= IDR 4,723,000/pax
  • 1 pax= IDR 9,465,000
  • 2 pax= IDR 4,900,000/pax
  • 3-4 pax= IDR 4,391,000/pax
  • 5-6 pax= IDR 4,492,000/pax
  • 7-8 pax= IDR 3,666,000/pax
  • 9-10 pax= IDR 2,683,000/pax


  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Local entertainment
  • Guide fee
  • Ticket entrance the National Park


  • Ticket flight
  • Personal expenses
  • Tipping guide
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the tour including insurance?

No. Please, register your own travel insurance before visiting Indonesia

What I have to bring?

Make sure to bring your own medkit. Also, prepare sun block, mosquito spray, Malaria Pill, Long trouser and sleeve, Trekking/running shoes, Leech socks (If you booking for Setulang village or Bukit Raya/Bukit baka Expedition)

Where do I fly into?

Depending on which trip you book:
There are daily flights from Bali with the following airlines (Wings Air)
We recommend you arrive morning or the day before the tour start.
If you need budget accommodation before/after the tour, we collaborate with Yun’s Homestay with the pice 1 person IDR 150,000/night, 2 persons IDR 250,000/night
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Is the Tour Dangerous?

Depending on which trip you book. Bukit Raya/Bukit Baka and Setulang village is quite hardcore. Sebangau Tour is medium.  Boat Trip in palangkaraya and Tanjung Puting is Easy. Other tours are easy and medium.

When should I book my tour?

Better book min 1 month and max 1 week before start the tour. Sudden booking not accepted due the tour needs to set up well. Send us a message at or call us at +62-811-523-3389.

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