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Sebangau National Park at Sungai Koran Adventure (Nature, Wildlife, Peat Swamps, and Blacklake)

Sebangau National Park At Sungai Koran Adventure
Sebangau National Park At Sungai Koran Adventure


If you are limited for time, consider 2-day trip exploring Sebangau, Koran River is the recommendation! From Palangkaraya airport it is only 10 minutes to Kereng Bangkirai port, where you can visit the place and organized by Central Borneo Guide. You then spend 45 minutes on a motorized traditional boat to get to the forest. You can explore by guided trekking, canoeing, and swimming in the pristine waters. There is an eco-jungle camp in the forest where you can stay in cabins overnight, which can sleep a maximum of six people. Sebangau is a National Park located in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. This is a special interest for International Tourist who needs and sees the plant, peat swamps, jungle trekking, etc.

 Sebangau National Park has some important values. The first, it has a lot of high variety of flora and fauna species, included 166 flora species among those species that are protected as Ramin, 116 bird species as Bangau Tong-tong (storks species), 35 mammals and 36 species of fish which are protected, and also Orangutan‘s habitats, Proboscis Monkey of Kalimantan called BekantanOwa, etc. The second, Sabangau National Park is one of the Peat swamp forest left at Central Kalimantan Province. It is the area that becomes the society support because it gives a lot of economic values – ecology that really necessary for the life quality of society. The last, It is the Icon of nature tourism at Central Kalimantan, region pride and the buffer of life system for the society of Central Kalimantan.


Day One

8 am, we visiting pre-release Island at BOS Foundation area to see Orangutan by motorboat. We then go to Kereng Bangkirai port to Sebangau National Park (Sungai Koran area) by using another motorboat. Drop our bags in a simple eco jungle camp and we continue to trekking in a peat swamps jungle. Overnight in the jungle camp (it is the best recommendation for swimming in front of the jungle camp!)

Day two

We go to upstream and looking for a wild animal (can’t be guaranteed) and trekking again.

Around 3 pm, we back to Palangkaraya and leave the National Park. We then visit Traditional Dance Academy to see short performance traditional Dayak dance and meet the locals. End of tour


  • 1 pax= IDR 7,375,000
  • 2 pax= IDR 4,900,000/pax
  • 3-4 pax= IDR 5112,000/pax
  • 5-6 pax= IDR 4,800,000/pax
  • 7-8 pax= IDR 4,315,000/pax
  • 9-10 pax= IDR 3,830,000/pax
  • 1 pax= IDR 6,963,000
  • 2 pax= IDR 4,327,000/pax
  • 3-4 pax= IDR 3,260,000/pax
  • 5-6 pax= IDR 3,260,000/pax
  • 7-8 pax= IDR 3,202,000/pax
  • 9-10 pax= IDR 2,874,000/pax


  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Ticket entrance the location
  • Guide fee
  • Contribution to Dance project


  • Ticket flight
  • Personal expenses
  • Tipping guide
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the tour including insurance?

No. Please, register your own travel insurance before visiting Indonesia

What I have to bring?

Make sure to bring your own medkit. Also, prepare sun block, mosquito spray, Malaria Pill, Long trouser and sleeve, Trekking/running shoes, Leech socks (If you booking for Setulang village or Bukit Raya/Bukit baka Expedition)

Where do I fly into?

Depending on which trip you book:
There are daily flights from Bali with the following airlines (Wings Air)
We recommend you arrive morning or the day before the tour start.
If you need budget accommodation before/after the tour, we collaborate with Yun’s Homestay with the pice 1 person IDR 150,000/night, 2 persons IDR 250,000/night
Whatsapp: +628115233389 (Yun)
Email :

Is the Tour Dangerous?

Depending on which trip you book. Bukit Raya/Bukit Baka and Setulang village is quite hardcore. Sebangau Tour is medium.  Boat Trip in palangkaraya and Tanjung Puting is Easy. Other tours are easy and medium.

When should I book my tour?

Better book min 1 month and max 1 week before start the tour. Sudden booking not accepted due the tour needs to set up well. Send us a message at or call us at +62-811-523-3389.

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