Sebangau National Park in the Koran River area is the closest area in Palangkaraya City which can be reached about 1 hour from Kereng Bengkirai port. Sungai Koran is the largest area of ​​lowland rainforest remaining on the island of Borneo, covering a total of about 600,000 ha of tropical peat swamp forest in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. These forests are of major conservation importance because of their high biodiversity, as a globally significant carbon store and for the function of natural resources that benefit the surrounding communities.

Sebangau The Koran River is home to many endangered species, especially the world’s largest protected orangutan population. More than 6,000 individual samar apes are found here, a stronghold that is prioritized in conservation planning in the area. They are one of nine primate species found here, along with others including the proboscis monkey and South Kalimantan’s largest known population of gibbons. Unsurprisingly in swamp forests, a large number of wetland specialists can be found including the flat-headed cat and Storm heron, as well as other rare charismatic animals, such as the clouded leopard, sun bear and various types of hornbills.

We invite you to explore the peat forest landscape on the Koran River and other activities in Palangkaraya where this location is very strategic and not far away, and you can feel the natural sensation of peat with its organic black river flowing, as well as the local culture, namely the Dayak Ngaju. < / p>


day one

At 8 am, you visit a pre-release island in the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) Foundation area to see Orangutans on a traditional motorboat. You will have the opportunity to see orangutans directly from the riverbank during the orangutan meal schedule in the morning. Then, you will go to the Kereng Bangkirai port and then continue with the Sebangau National Park (Sungai Koran area) by using another motorboat. Drop your bags in the simple eco-friendly jungle camp and you continue trekking in the peat swamp forest. You Overnight in jungle camp (These are our best recommendations for swimming in front of jungle camps!)

day two

You will travel into the peat forest and will monitor flora and fauna. If you are lucky, you will meet wild orangutans or other primates.

Around 3pm, you return to Palangkaraya and leave the National Park. Then you will visit the Traditional Dance Academy to see a short performance of traditional Dayak dances and meet local musicians. Return to the inn and the tour is over.


1 PaxRp6,400,000
2 PaxRp3,966,667
3-4 PaxRp3,083,333
5-6 PaxRp2,822,222
7-8 PaxRp2,866,667
9-10 PaxRp2,686,667
1 PaxRp 5,840,000
2 PaxRp 3,406,667
3-4 PaxRp 2,523,333
5-6 PaxRp 2,275,556
7-8 PaxRp 2,326,667
9-10 PaxRp 2,150,667


  • Transport
  • Accommodation (Camp on the Koran River)
  • Eat
  • Entrance ticket
  • Tour guide fee
  • Contribution to Art project
  • Eco-friendly toiletries


  • Personal Expenses
  • Ticket flight
  • Tipping guide


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