The movie Petualangan Sherina 2 brings back Sherina Munaf to the big screen after 25 years, this time on a more mature adventure in the birthplace of her late father, Bram, in Central Kalimantan. More than just entertainment, Petualangan Sherina 2 invites us to explore the wonders of Borneo’s wild and experience an unforgettable adventure.

Exploring the Rainforest with Sherina

The film takes us on a journey through the tropical rainforests of Central Kalimantan alongside Sherina. Various exotic locations like the Kahayan Bridge, Tumbang Kaman Village, and Tumbang Manggu Village in Katingan Regency become the backdrop for a visually stunning story. Viewers are invited to experience the raw beauty of nature, with diverse flora and fauna, and the heartwarming hospitality of the local communities.

Central Borneo Guide, a trusted travel agency in Central Kalimantan, invites you to walk in Sherina’s footsteps for real. With their experienced team, you’ll get to feel the thrill of adventuring through the rainforest, cruising down crystal-clear rivers, and spotting incredible species of plants and animals.

Imagine yourself like Sherina as she explores the dense jungle, observes orangutans swinging through the trees, and listens to the melodious birdsong amidst the serene nature. Feel the joy of encountering endangered species like the proboscis monkey and the protected Bornean orangutan, and learn about the conservation efforts undertaken to protect their habitat.

Central Borneo Guide offers various tour options inspired by the movie Petualangan Sherina 2. You can choose the “Following Sherina’s Footsteps” tour that takes you to the film’s shooting locations, or the “Sherina’s Jungle Adventure” tour for a more in-depth rainforest exploration.

Beyond the Wildlife Adventure

Petualangan Sherina 2 is not just about exploring the wild, it’s also about self-discovery, family, and friendship. Sherina learns the importance of teamwork, courage, and compassion as she faces various challenges and obstacles. The film also raises the theme of conservation, reminding us to protect the biodiversity-rich forests of Kalimantan.

With Central Borneo Guide, you won’t just experience incredible nature adventures, but also learn about important values in life and the significance of environmental sustainability.

Positive Impact on Central Kalimantan Tourism

The movie Petualangan Sherina 2 has sparked a surge in interest among people to visit Central Kalimantan. The film’s portrayal of stunning landscapes has become a driving force for tourists to explore the natural treasures of Borneo firsthand. Central Borneo Guide is here to help you make your Kalimantan adventure dream a reality.

Create unforgettable memories by following Sherina’s footsteps in the heart of Borneo. Contact Central Borneo Guide today to embark on your own adventure!

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